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We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Privacy Policy

I. Personal data source
The personal data processed by BM ITALIA SRL are collected directly from the data subject or at the offices of  BM ITALIA SRL

II. Data controller
The data controller is BM ITALIA SRL, Via Vanoni, 61 – 23012 Castione Andevenno (SO).

III. Purposes of data processing
Personal data are processed as part of the normal activities of emitting, managing and collecting payments (along with other ancillary activities) and for the following purposes:
A. purposes that are strictly associated with and instrumental to the management of relations with the data subject (e.g.: acquisition of preliminary information prior to the stipulation of contracts, to effect operations based on obligations arising from the contract stipulated with the data subject, etc.);
B. purposes associated with obligations arising from legislation, regulations and EC provisions, as well as provisions issued by the relevant authorities appointed by the law and by supervisory boards;

IV. Recipients of personal data - Communication
A. For the partial execution of its activities, BM ITALIA SRL also deals with third party entities outside of our organization. For this purpose, the personal data of the data subject may be shared with the following categories of third parties:
·  Third parties who provide services essential to the execution of existing relations with the data subject;
·  Third parties engaged in controlling and optimizing the activities of BM ITALIA SRL (e.g. auditors and consultants), with a view to monitoring financial risk and fraud, or to collect receivables.
B. The third parties engaged in the types of activities referred to above, to whom personal data may be disclosed,  will utilize the data as "supervisors", pursuant to art. 28 GDPR. It is understood that the data processing methods employed shall guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. A list of these third party entities is available at the Headquarters of BM ITALIA SRL.
C. to answer and satisfy all customer requirements and for possible communications of a technical/organizational nature;
D. for the organization and running of events and activities, also of a promotional nature;
E. for mailing informative or promotional messages, also of a commercial type, comprising advertising material and/or special offers and services by post, fax, Internet, phone, e-mail and text messages sent by BM ITALIA SRL or individuals and/or legal entities collaborating with BM ITALIA SRL in its sales activities, and/or by parent, subsidiary or associated companies;
F. for marketing purposes whenever the user has expressed his/her specific and free consent (art.7 GDPR).

V. Disclosure of personal data
Personal data shall not be disclosed.

VI. Processed data categories
The data processed by BM ITALIA SRL are of a personal nature (full personal data and home address, tax-related data, contacts and availability).  

VIII. Data transfer to another country
The data processed for the above purposes may be transferred to other EU countries.

IX. Storage period
The processed data will be stored for the minimum time necessary to fulfil the aforementioned purposes. In particular, tax-related data will be stored for the time stipulated by current National legislation (to date, for 10 years);
At the end of said period, the data will be made anonymous or eliminated whenever this is technically possible.

X. Legitimate grounds for processing data, the nature of their supply and consequences of denied consent
The supply of personal data is a contractual obligation and essential to fulfilling the purposes of the aforementioned processing activities referred to in points II A) B) C). The data subject’s refusal to supply personal data would in fact make it impossible to fulfil the obligations deriving from the contract and from legal provisions.   Data processing, pursuant to art. 6 of the GDPR, is carried out for the purpose of performing a contract to which the data subject is a party or the performance of pre-contractual measures adopted on request of the data subject; to enable the data controller to abide by a legal obligation.  
The supply of personal data is not mandatory for the purposes referred to in points  II D) E) and F) and refusal to do so would not imply any consequences.  

XI. Methods of data processing
With regard to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data, in compliance with the Law and confidentiality obligations, is carried out by means of manual and computerized systems, according to a philosophy that is closely bound to these same processing purposes and, anyhow, in such a way as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data (even in the event of remote communication techniques being employed).   

XII The data subject’s rights
With regard to his/her own personal data, the data subject is entitled to ask the data controller for and to obtain access (art. 15 GDPR), rectification (art.16 GDPR), erasure (art.17 GDPR) and restriction of processing (art.18 GDPR); the data subject is also entitled to deny consent to processing and request the portability of his or her data (art. 20 GDPR) by contacting: BM ITALIA SRL, Via Vanoni, 61 – 23012 Castione Andevenno (SO) –
The data subject is entitled to lodge a complaint with a supervisory board.