BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Supermarket shop Furnishing

BMItalia realizes Retail Design projects and produces furnishings for shops, supermarkets and large-scale retail trade.
Keep everything in order and at the same time making sure you can arrange the items in plain sight, leaving customers with space to move freely, all seasoned with a generous dose of design: Shops design has to perform different functions at the same time and it is the choice of furniture to immediately communicate to customers features of the shop they are entering, the philosophy, the kind of items that will  face once crossed the threshold.
That's why it is important to seek professional expertise, who can not only recommend the best solutions in terms of practicity and functionality, but also act as image consultants, whether it is to refurbish a shop already on the market or to furnish a new store.
A good furniture stores will in fact combine aesthetic and a precise management of space, assuring the procurement of goods is always handy and within reach, without sacrificing anything in terms of comfort and image. BMItalia' s Architects and designers, thanks to years of experience, are able to provide a specialized consultancy and design service, in order to create your store furniture really tailored to your needs.

If you are interested in furniture shops furnitures please contact us to evaluate together and without any obligation the ideal solution for your needs.