BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Da Moscarino

BMItalia has created the format for the food shop - DA MOSCARINO The italienische lebensmittel boutique - in Leverkusen, in Wiesdorfer Platz in Germany.

The goal was to propose a new format, a new way of imagining the relationship between products, service and customer by combining typical products & Italian interior design.

The designer Fabio Gianoli on behalf of BMItalia has designed this new format, thinking of the customer as a welcome guest to whom to give the right attention: welcome him; take it for a walk in this place, guide it to discover the different types of product, with different display forms, through recognizable symbols or accessories, leaving the classic scheme of the store.
BMItalia furniture has one purpose: to enhance the products.
The customer is in a square, walking along the perimeter and in the center of the room the counter allows a 360 ° service and vision.
The island bench is divided into:
on the front side of the main showcase, it displays in the showcase perfumes and colors of fresh products and Italian gastronomy, continuing on one side with the display cases for pastry, sandwiches and ready meals;
the opposite side, on the other hand, is dedicated to all fresh products already packaged and in free service, inserted in a low cold mural and then ending towards the pillar with a cafeteria corner;
inside this "island", then, there is a single double-sided back counter, with spaces for cutting and packaging and a metal structure up to the ceiling where the wicker baskets for fresh bread are placed whole cured meats are displayed and hung on a hook.

(Photographs by Alexander Arenz)