BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Al Portico supermarket

BMItalia has developed both the project and the complete set-up of the Al Portico supermarket in Livigno.

The design of a supermarket is complex: first evaluating the best display solution for the products on the shelves, secondly paying attention to the distribution and organizational aspect of the spaces.

In order to optimize the design, BMItalia has taken several factors into consideration: the technical, marketing, social and psychological aspects.

First of all, BMItalia has identified the reference legislation for the distribution of spaces and the consequent different types of organization.

BMItalia then adopted a new concept inside the supermarket by creating a cafeteria and product tasting area.

Finally, the combination of shelves, displays and cash counters has created a modern, innovative supermarket capable of wrapping the customer in warm and harmonious atmospheres.

BMItalia has created custom-made furnishings and accessories in its BMFalegnameria production department, as well as providing and installing the kitchen and catering equipment of the new supermarket such as cold rooms, ovens, slicers, refrigerated counters, etc. BMItalia took care of the project with a turnkey service: that is, from the design to the implementation of both the furnishings and accessories and the execution of flooring and whitewashing.

Photographs by Claudio Pedrini