BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Paris Hairstyles

BMITALIA has created the furnishings for the hairdresser shop - Paris Acconciature - in Livigno in Via Saroch.At first BMItalia thought about the organization of the salon space; a very important aspect to allow you to move comfortably inside the room, but also for the customer to easily access areas of interest, such as the bathroom or clothes hanger.
BMItalia has therefore developed the entrance with the customer reception area, the waiting and the cash point; the operational part or washing, cutting, folding area; the toilet area, such as the toilet, and others, such as the closet in which to allocate the warehouse.
Entrance / waiting room: dedicated to welcoming customers with comfortable chairs or sofas, where the guest can sit while waiting for their turn.
Operating Area: dedicated to works equipped with lights and mirrors, as well as height-adjustable chairs.

Accessory compartment: dimensions suitable for stock.BMItalia has thought of a functional furniture reflecting the style and colors chosen by the customer.
The project was signed by Eng. arch. Simone Da Prada.
Photographs by Claudio Pedrini