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Milano Bakery Café

Cosmopolitan Brio - Milano Bakery Café is located within the new building of the Lombardy Region, in what is a new urban context for the city of Milan.
On two levels is the union of several activities such as bars, restaurant, bakery, conveyed in a single space.
All these products are born from two kitchens; one dedicated to pastry, bread, buns, ... the upper floor, while on the ground floor, overlooking the room, there is the restaurant's kitchen.
In this way this place clear key modern catching customers of all times of the day, from breakfast to the working lunch, the Sunday brunch, from aperitif, dinner and after dinner. Without excluding the take-away of all the carefully presented products in the windows of the bar.
The symbol of this modern Italian bakery is undoubtedly its vertical garden visible from all of the local area, as well as having an important aesthetic value, most of its products are collected and used in the kitchen by the chef.
The part of the bar is characterized by dark colors, especially on the front of the showcases bench, covered in treated sheet metal, broken by the insertion of a hot material such as wood to characterize the niche at the entrance and then joining up with the loft area.
This oak detail was then taken up in the convivial plank floor, in the steps of the ladder and the floor of the mezzanine.
Stylishly white and black alternate in the rest of the room, where as only detail to check the color spots Lime also present in the logo of.
Regarding the sessions have provided the Pedrali chairs, to which we have provided photos of the finished room.