BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Installation of restaurant equipment

BMItalia is also skilled in sale and installation of equipment for restaurants, pubs, cafès, pastisseries, ice cream shops, laboratories, butcher's shops, bakeries by availing of famous suppliers on the market, from cooking equipment to refrigeration.
We offer a wide range of products such as refrigerating cabinet for temperature positive and negative, refrigerated windows, gastronomy tables, butchery tables, pizza tables, refrigerated work tables, kneaders, refrigerated wall cupboards for cold cuts and dairy products, coldroom, mini-coldroom, blast freezer, ice cubers.
We also have at our disposal neutral accessories in stainless steel for kitchens and laboratories, such as aspiring hoods, tables, work tables on cupboard, deposit cupboards, wall cupboards, shelves and dust bins.With regard to cooking equipment, BMItalia offers gas/electric convention ovens, gas/electric direct steam ovens, pizza ovens, pizza wood stoves of famous brands, gas/electric ranges, plates, lined and smooth fry-tops, gas/electric pasta cookers, fryers, charcoal grills and chicken spit.
As far as what concerns ware washing we supply any type of washer-up and glass-washer besides small electrical domestic appliances such as mixer, planetary kneader, cutter, packaging machine, slicing machine, platform trolley, collecting tray rack.