BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.

Private homes

Furnishing our own home is a bit like expressing oursefselves in our environment: that's why it is important that home interiors reflect our tastes, our habits and even our dreams and at the same time be able to accommodate the activities of our whole family, satisfying both needs of grandparents as those of infants.
BMItalia 's furnitures for private homes not only are custom-designed by talented architects and designers, but are also produced in-house thanks to our very own carpentry department, in order to either furnish the entire house or in case of individual rooms or elements.
And if the need is to refurbish, no problem: thanks to entrusted collaborations, BMItalia is able to make even masonry, flooring, plants and whatever is necessary to give a new twist to your home.

If you are interested in furniture for private homes please contact us to evaluate together.