BM Italia

We have been designing and manufacturing furnishings and technological equipment for the hospitality and catering industry since 1976.


BMItalia supplies and installs UNOX OVENS.
Unox produces all types of professional ovens to meet the needs of each segment of the catering market:
Convection ovens
Convection ovens with humidity Combined ovensThe convection oven ranges are LINEMICRO and BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro ™ GO.
Among the UNOX convection ovens with humidity we find BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro ™ MASTER, TOUCH & LED and LINEMISS BAKERLUX.
New entry in the UNOX home is EVEREO® an innovative and technological high temperature maintainer for food.
EVEREO® keeps your food at the temperature you serve it.
BMItalia offers assistance and repair on UNOX ovens.